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Discipline to Excellence

Christ Ministries School of Divinity enriches, equips, enlightens, energizes, and empowers Christians for maximum effectiveness in spiritual growth and the call of God. The school offers a fully online two-year Master of Divinity degree program which supplies candidates with valuable knowledge and skills for life and ministry.

The Beginning

Christ Ministries School of Divinity is a private online school established in January 2013 by Bishop Andrew Robinson, Ph.D, D.Div., and his wife Rev. Wanda Kay Robinson, M.S., M.Div. Students at the university where they work and/or teach came to them expressing the deeper calling they sensed for ministry. They asked the Robinsons if they would train them for a greater walk with Jesus and preparation for ministry. What began as a Cultivating Ministers Training Program soon evolved into a school of divinity. Graduates from Christ Ministries School of Divinity program have gone on to serve in a variety of effective Christian leadership roles—e.g., pastors, associate pastors, assistant pastors, evangelists, teachers, and so on.

Program Outcomes

Holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality
Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, ministerial ethics, and theological reflection, Christian counseling, leadership, and pulpit ministry
Equipped for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served
Global competence for balanced understanding, practice, and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life
Proficiency in the content, theory, and practice of ministerial leadership
Proficiency in biblical studies


Our work is truly a labor of love.  The school is funded by donations from individuals and learners in the program who share our vision of equipping qualified Christian leaders and helping laity achieve spiritual maturity for today.

You can donate monthly, yearly, or give a one-time donation to Christ Ministries School of Divinity.
There are several ways you can donate:
Online: or Cash App $christministriesinc
Phone: 217-721-9975
Mail: Christ Ministries, 2236 University Dr, Charleston, IL 61920

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“Christ Ministries School of Divinity is our endorsed Bible Institute for Education”
(Bishop Luke Smith, General Chairman, Apostolic World Christian Fellowship).

“This program has changed me from being mediocre, to a woman who strives for excellence…I found my place and voice, as a woman in God’s Work…This program has prepared me for the work that I must do in the years to come…Now, I will challenge myself to apply everything that I have learned and give back to others.” (Tania Ward, Co-Pastor Acts Campus Ministry Eastern Illinois University).

“I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship and prayer support that Bishop and Mamakay have provided on my spiritual journey. Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in my growth as a believer. I am thankful for the time and energy they have invested in me, and for their unwavering commitment to seeing me grow in my faith. Their love and care have been a true blessing in my life, and I am grateful for the ways in which they have shown me the love of Christ. I pray that God will continue to bless and use them to impact many more lives for His Kingdom” (Pastor Yohannes Deboch, New York).


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